Who We Are

PT. Saint Technologies Indonesia is an innovative leading provider of financial solutions. We provide services and trading platforms to institutional and retail brokerage firms in the foreign exchange, commodities, forex and physical market.Based in Indonesia. PT.Saint Technologies Indonesia with domain http://www.si.co.id also knows as http://www.Stg9.com.

We aim to provide the financial, brokerage and banking industries with cutting edge charting and front-end solutions.Our developers are highly qualified and only apply the latest technologies. We cover the entire spectrum of charting software development including the handling of large real-time financial databases.

As of 2011, more than 60 000 investors from our top 28 corporate customers connect each month to our datacenters.This high quality feedback on the current and future concerns of our end users allows us to continuously improve our technology solutions.

Being so close to the market, our support IT Team are able to respond quickly to your requirements and needs.One of the many software solutions Saint Technologies has created that have redefined the trading industry. We have vision to provide our customers with innovative web-based charting solutions that give them a competitive advantage.

Our vision, we : "Providing our customers with innovative IT Finance Solutions that give them a competitive advantage"

As part of our mission, we :

  • Provide easy-to-use, reliable and affordable charting solutions for businesses that demand the best.
  • Maintain a constant communication with our customers during development and integration phases.
  • Provide full support and advice after delivery date.
  • Employ highly qualified developers to meet your expectations.
  • Anticipate new charting features with the help of a dedicated in-house team supporting the needs of our large community of investors.

Our Solution :

PT. Saint Technologies Indonesia provide various services to our clients. The Saint Technologies Solutions range from trading platform, back-office support system, metatrader support, web & application chart tools to web site developments.

Saint Technologies 's solutions can be grouped into :

1. Trading Platform.

2. Metatrader Support & Report Analysis and back Office Online Trading.

3. FX Business Solution, such as White Label, Incorporation Services.

4. Commodity Business Solution, such as Gold Commodity Online Trading.

5. Web & Application Chart ToolsWebsite Developments such as Coupon Trading System.

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