Saint Technologies Indonesia

Based in Indonesia, PT. Saint Technologies Indonesia also known as Stg9.com or Si.Co.id, was established in September 2006. We aim to provide the financial, brokerage, and banking industries with cutting-edge charting and front-end solutions. Our developers are highly qualified and only apply the latest technologies. We cover the entire spectrum of charting software development including the han­dling of large real-time financial databases. At Saint Technologies, we also have a 24-hour support team that would respond and provides assistance to our clients promptly and quickly. As of 2011, more than 60.000 investors from our top 31 corporate customers connect each month to our data centers. This high-quality feedback on the current and future concerns of our end users allows us to continuously improve our technology solutions. One of the many software solutions SaintTechnologies has created that have redefined the trading industry.