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Many companies with their complex products meet many problems to manage such :

1. Stock outs and non availability of the product

2. Excessive Inventory

3. Low Service Levels

4. Promotion's negative ROI

5. Lost Revenue

6. New Product Introduction Failure. 

To manage the demand, we must have accurate demand planning, The process will become more effective and efficient.

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1. Inclusive consensus process improves plan quality and acceptance

How Saint Technologies Indonesia Competencies Can Answer and Leveraging Your Management :

  • Create consensus plan through continuous collaboration across sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and customers
  • Each participant gets tailored view
  • Consensus based on inputs and weightings from groups
  • Combine top down business planning with precise bottom up forecasts
  • Automate process with workflow
  • Capture demand by customer or sales channel
  • Capture demand more frequently, closer to the point of consumption
  • Capture local and demographic characteristics of demand
  • Consider forecasts from marketing, sales territories and customers to achieve consensus
  • Quickly identify and react to demand changes and exceptions

2. Real-time demand sensing and collaborative consensus forecasting

  • Enable closed loop collaborative planning processes across your value chain
  • Have complete supply chain visibility
  • Make better decisions
  • React immediately to disruptions in supply chain

3. Visibility will enable us to collaborate better with principles, customers and suppliers in order to react properly to fluctuating demand

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