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Saint Technologies also offer other services such as FinanceChart, Live Price and Website Development. These services are available either as a Stand-Alone or All-in-One fully hosted services on our servers.Thus clients need not worry about servers load, bandwidth, software development and maintenance. For Website we used platform Wordpress, Wix, and Joomla.

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Finance Chart

FinanceChart is a powerful financial charts for web applications. It offers more than 200 currency pairs as well as thousands of stocks, indices and commodities. Various indicators and chart types available make it ideal for Technical Analysis. This service is ideal for open web sites, as the combination of our Streaming HTTP Technology and StreamingServer software ensures an efficient and reliable solution to serve thousands of simultaneous end-users. It is simply a must if you wish to attract and keep users on your website

Live Price

LivePrice can be used to display any type of financial instrument. Companies can provide their web site users and employees with streaming real time or delayed quotes at browser or any mobile device. A user-specified list of quotes is embedded in a web site, and is updated without the user having to refresh the screen. This service is supported in any language as desired by clients.

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